Bolognese Zoodles & Rambles

What a lazy Sunday. Did absolutely nothing other than lie in bed, browse reddit, and eat / prepare food. Ever since I’ve started eating cleaner,  I’m constantly baffled by how few calories there are in so much ‘good’ food.

Like the awesome dinner I just had of bolognese zoodles, salad, pumpkin soup, and acai juice :D I’m stuffed, and I still have another 360 cal to go before reaching today’s budget.

I don’t have an exact log of the ingredients used since my mom and I cooked this together, but the sauce is basically onions, lean ground beef, mushrooms, garlic, and tomatoes. I added salmon to my plate (need to meet that protein goalll) and spiralized a whole zucchini for my noodles.

I was flabbergasted when I saw spiralizers going for 80 freaking dollars IRL, so I went online and got some cheap knockoff of a “branded” spiralizer, hahaha. $10, and it works great. So much faster than the time I tried making zoodles with a grater. :|


A whole bowl of zoodles (30 cal) in ~2 minutes!

I’m not sure I prepared it right, since I just tossed it in olive oil, salt, and pepper over low heat for a few minutes. Tasted delicious with the sauce though, although I credit the sauce (and parmesan) for that!

The pumpkin soup is just blended steamed pumpkin and one small potato with water, and with good sweet pumpkins it’s freaking delicious. I also had a salad of mixed leaves, corn, almonds, and cherry tomatoes.

Rounded that up with acai juice just because I wanted an excuse to pull out my awesome new ‘Princess of the house’ cup. (Girlfriend’s probably going to argue that it’s more ‘Princess of the Pillow’, HAH.)



On an unrelated note. I had a really good time with mom today. We actually went out for Nandos last night (which fit into my budget and helped with protein goals) and she asked me how much weight I’d lost. I mentioned some of the food I’ve been preparing that’s seriously delicious and low calorie, and insisted that she had to try my avocado turkey sandwich.

So I made her that for lunch today, and she thought it was “nice.” Which, coming from my mother, is like the highest freaking praise I’ve ever received. XD I was pretty stoked! And she was really doubtful that the whole thing was only 210 calories.

So I went to do the dishes, and to my surprise, she actually asked me to calculate the calories she had for breakfast, and other takeout meals she often buys. It spiralized spiralled off into an hour long discussion about CICO, portion sizes, nutrition, etc, and I had so much fun telling her about all that stuff. She was actually interested too! I mean, it’s probably one of the first few times she’s expressed interest in something I’m into, so that’s really nice. Although to be fair, usually all I’m interested in are games and other non-motherly stuff. XD


It’s a super bad picture but I like what it represents :D


So that was today. I’ve been toying with the idea of watching Xena again because she’s awesome and I think it might inspire me to get more serious with working out. And also because I can pretend to eat like her and call it the ‘warrior princess diet’ \o/

I get inspired by the geekiest things ;_;


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